Digital Transformation outperforms Smart City concepts
by Dr. Frank Herdmann

While megacities are still fighting for the title Smart City the concept might already be outperformed – apostil to the Berlin Economic summit 2016. The impact on everyday life of the Internet of Things already goes way beyond the Smart City and the megacities have to scramble jumping on the bandwagon on time.

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Profiting from the U.S. Marketplace: Making the Right Choices
by Don Keysser, CM&AA, Managing Principal of Hannover Ltd.

What are the key issues when entering the U.S. market? What are the reasons for doing so? How do you assess the respective risks and rewards of this strategic decision? It is a large country, with a varied and heterogenous market – where is the best location.

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Compliance - a new term or a new concept?
by Dr. Frank Herdmann

What is the systematic approach to ensuring compliance today? We are introducing the three pillars of a compliance program explaining its requirements.

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Where will your next customer come from?
by Dr. Frank Herdmann

In this paper we show the value of taking your business global, discuss U.S. trade relations, summarize American assessments of Germany and explain how to get started exporting to Germany.

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Business in Germany 2013
summary by Dr. Frank Herdmann

How do U.S. investors assess their situation and perspectives – an English abstract of the 10th AmCham Business Barometer published in March 2013 based on a survey among American Companies invested in Germany

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Doing business in Germany
by Dr. Frank Herdmann

In this paper we share some secrects on how to succeed in business and explore challenges and ease of doing business in Germany for American small and midsize enterprises.

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Perceptions and interaction on Facebook
by Jacquelyn Reeves, M.S.

Americans and Germans communicate in different ways, often leading to misunderstandings. Explore online communication, implications in sharing information and privacy policy in both countries.

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Office without boundaries - Back from the Future
by Dr. Frank Herdmann

Office without boundaries: with the end of the year in sight an approach to the search for limits of modern management: What is reasonable for your company?

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The Facebook Effect
by Jacquelyn Reeves, M.S.

We discuss the difference in behavior on facebook by Americans and Germans. Read about the peach and the coconut, about public and private and one universal virtual space.

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Customer Service: »Success by Satisfaction«
by Dr. Frank Herdmann

Intrapersonal Development, Interpersonal Development and Systemic Development can be the basis of Customer Satisfaction and support sustainable success. This article explores essential factors for lasting business prosperity.

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Managing your International Workforce
by Sandy Weiner, M.Ed, M.C.C.

Over 60% of relocations fail. Read why! Best Practices for managing international workforces include relocation training addressing cultural differences to avoid culture shock and rejection.

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The German Sustainability Codex (GSC)
by Dr. Frank Herdmann

We discuss why to consider the GCS criteria in Risk Assessment of small and midsize companies. A Declaration of Compliance might be more than is required.

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Mysteries of Compliance
by Dr. Frank Herdmann

For companies in Germany COMPLIANCE is defined in the German Corporate Governance Codex. We outline requirements and strategy for leading compliance implementation.

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The New Intrapreneurial Company
by Sandy Weiner, M.Ed, M.C.C.

Organizations go through many cycles in their growth and development. We address key factors and challenges in moving from entrepreneurial »project« to reach the next growth stage: a dynamic, customer focused and structured organization.

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Seven Steps to Merger Excellence
by Sandy Weiner, M.Ed, M.C.C.

Mergers and Acquisitions don't always have to create winners and losers. We outline how to re-engage your organization under a shared vision and identity.

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Human Factors, Management and Risk in ISO 31000 by Dr. Frank Herdmann

Human factors are a key and often overlooked aspect of Risk Management: without people you are going nowhere! How do you implement Risk Management aligned to ISO 31000?

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Starting a Company in Germany
by Sandy Weiner, M.Ed, M.C.C.

With a vast array of services and funding available to start or expand a business Berlin and the rest of Central Europe provide parallel opportunities.

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Profiting from the US Marketplace: »Making the right Choices?« is the question addressed by Don Keysser of Hannnover LTD. in Minnesota.

Don, who is our partner in Minnesota, talked about reasons to decide for the U.S. market, key issues when doing so, distribution channels and financing. (Oktober 15th, 2014 at Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institute, Berlin)

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