Strategic Alignment and Shared Visioning

  • If we don’t know where we are going, how will we know when we get there?
  • If we don’t know why we are, it can be mighty hard to reach the mountaintop!

All too often, we either begin a change process without clarity of outcome or leveraging the potential of a new organization – for example in Central Europe. Instead, we focus on moving away from something that we already have, for example, to reduce expenses by 10% – in terms of outcome what does that mean? Are we cutting staff, reducing turnover, increasing profitability or expanding into a new market?

Our Strategic Alignment tailored workshop, offered on-site or off-site, is ideal for companies dealing with complex strategic challenges and want to achieve outcomes that they are proud of. This facilitated workshop provides:

  • An essential opportunity to create at the outset a shared vision that the whole team is engaged in reaching and can be communicated to the organization and externally
  • A setting and process for you to grasp the whole picture: the present intentions, past experiences, trends, future outcomes, stakeholders and strategic steps as well as country and cultural specific needs
  • Consideration of individual participant perspectives, emerging synergistic outcomes and commitment and ownership for achievement.
  • A process for engaging the whole organization to commit to realizing the results.

In the fast paced setting of the global marketplace with multi-cultural complexities, shared visioning is an invaluable and efficient step in getting a company and its key personnel moving in harmony (on-boarding) and in the same direction. Shared visioning is an essential first step for any project, yet, is often overlooked. Many companies start with strategy and then find that they have internal conflicts, misalignments and poor communication down the road – often, making it impossible to realize the intended the outcome.

In this workshop, our facilitators guide participants through a process whereby the participants will consider not only the ramifications of a new product or project, but larger strategic issues requiring alignment, such as the company’s vision, mission or strategic course in the marketplace. Vital to transatlantic successful situations is a process of involving all stakeholders yielding enormous benefits which would be haphazardly achieved, if at all, without experienced facilitation from outside. You can expect from our workshop, for example, to:

  • Use synergistic learning to identify flawed courses
  • Identify realistic possibilities and potential with more focus and creativity
  • Optimize corporate processes and structure
  • Gain cross-company knowledge, new ideas and innovation
  • Continually improve performance and communication
  • Build a cohesive network within your company
  • Emerge with new, practical ideas
  • Gain insights to future markets and strategic advantage
  • Provide a lasting boost to implementing your strategy and improving your bottom line
  • Develop a process which becomes your own – and which is sustainable & renewable

Successful teams know where they are going and work together locally and globally to get there!

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