Asset and investment management

Asset and investment management is a question of trust, control, and compliance with local rules and regulations. This is applicable regardless whether you own real estate or other assets. We are well established in the real estate property market. With our banking background we can also handle any obligations arising from your shareholder’s status.

We are also in a position to provide comprehensive legal and cultural guidance. This work involves prioritizing and identifying issues that require direct investor involvement. Decisions that are necessary or advisable will be evaluated in detail and all formalities in this context dealt with. We can handle any stage of the investment transaction, beginning with asset identification, and including due diligence, coordination of all specialists involved, and managing the transaction’s timely signing and closing.

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Profiting from the US Marketplace: »Making the right Choices?« is the question addressed by Don Keysser of Hannnover LTD. in Minnesota.

Don, who is our partner in Minnesota, talked about reasons to decide for the U.S. market, key issues when doing so, distribution channels and financing. (Oktober 15th, 2014 at Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institute, Berlin)

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