Leaderstart® - team on-boarding

  • How do you involve others in your decision-making process?
  • How can you create an environment where people take (feel personal) responsibility (for...)
  • How do you foster empowerment and trust?

For quick and smooth integration of new leaders and teams to create empowered, committed, integrated Transatlantic teams with high energy and exceptional results!

Getting new teams on board or changing direction can be a challenge for every organization. Working cross-border or cross-culturally provides great opportunities on many levels. From the very start, team effectiveness can be greatly enhanced and rapid integration of the new leader established across continents through the application of our LeaderStart® approach and Auxilium Expatbiz Services’ collaborative, integration methodology

Rather than experiencing a clash of culture and resistance, through leadership coaching and facilitated process design, we will support you to create rapid on-boarding where these differences add value, respect and effectiveness.

Timing, communication, trust, clarity of direction and managing dualities are significant factors in enabling sustainable integration and change. Our LeaderStart® coaching provides a customized designed focus for leaders to work with Executive Coaches to go beyond these challenges and bring their vision to reality while positively involving their workforce.

We not only bridge the cultural gap to inspire and involve the people that work for you, but integrate their differences in a way that enhances the overall team and organizational effectiveness making optimal use of the resources available to you: your team, customers, corporate communications, colleagues – from the very beginning to ensure success.

From the start of our process, you will see results as a leader, you will not only talk about what you want to have happen, but you will engage the commitment, enthusiasm and zeal of others. You will learn to unlock corporate spirit - the lifeblood of the corporation- to move in the direction that you envision.

You will achieve the 6 Cs:

  • Clarify your inspiring vision
  • Communicate
  • Commitment
  • Create passion
  • Conscious involvement
  • Concrete results

On-boarding that works applying integrated change processes such as Future Search, Open Space Technology, Appreciative Inquiry, Systemics, World Care, Leadership Forums, personality and communication evaluation and assessment tools! The right techniques applied at the right time in the right way could be the difference between gaining commitment, enthusiasm and innovation on great distances with an ocean dividing continents and cultures in between or resistance to change, mediocrity and stress. Our services make all the difference you need to enable a world class organization.

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Individually tailored to your needs!

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