Transitional Leadership Coaching

Life is full of changes. Many of these changes are turning points and provide opportunities to make decisions about what we want in our lives, organizations and community while amongst others

  • starting a new position
  • moving to a foreign country or another city.

These are pivotal points in our lives – a chance to unlock our untapped or trapped resources – a time to improve our lives. When life changes occur, old patterns are broken giving a vast of amount of space and energy for change and growth. It is a time of decision-making. A time to reflect and chose what adventure you will create in your life next.

Today, we must challenge everything we know and find our new way in a fluid, energized, collaborative, environment. Traditional approaches to management are no longer adequate to meet the challenges facing us at a dizzying rate. To be proactive, it is essential to know ourselves, have focus, foresight, clarity, and engage in collaborative decision making with the ability to take responsibility to act.

Emphasis on purely technical knowledge for leaders is not enough. Rather, the abilities to synthesize knowledge, involve others and enable effective actions enable success. Quality decisions need to be made rapidly with clarity and “buy-in” by your teams. Organizations are continuously developing. A leader’s skill to do more with less is often misinterpreted to mean simply to cut expenses. In reality, what is meant in order to truly succeed is to create an environment where a greater impact is made with less effort and time. It means being more efficient because you have created flow. To do this we need to integrate learning real-time and continue to make adjustments along the way.

We offer an individual telephone session package based on your needs and designed to work together with you to support your process of gaining focus, control and clarity in your life; learning to step outside of the situation and see a larger picture and learn from your experiences.

Leadership Coaching is about:

  • Understanding yourself
  • Challenging what we believe
  • Mastering change
  • Seeing the picture from a different perspective
  • Going beyond the surface to what lies behind
  • Meaning making
  • Engaging others
  • Asking the questions that need to be asked to find the answers that work.

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Individually tailored to your needs!

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Profiting from the US Marketplace: »Making the right Choices?« is the question addressed by Don Keysser of Hannnover LTD. in Minnesota.

Don, who is our partner in Minnesota, talked about reasons to decide for the U.S. market, key issues when doing so, distribution channels and financing. (Oktober 15th, 2014 at Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institute, Berlin)

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